10 Prettiest Long Hair Styles for 2015

Long hair is classic and elegant. It’s a length that never really goes out of style — everyone from actors to models to royalty have worn it wellover the years. The reason why long hair never fade is beacase people always can do so many changes on long hair — waved, curly, stright, braided. Here, we shared 10 Prettiest Long Hair Style for 2015. Hope you sweeties can get some inspiration for your next hair style.

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Pastel Rainbow Hair — the Prettiest Thing Ever

Rainbow hair get hot for a while now and I am sure your girls have seen a lot pictures even the people around have dyed their with rainbow color! But pastel rainbow hair is a new trend among women. I don’t know when but but it looks awesome. What’s more, some people believe that Pastel Rainbow Hair is the Prettiest Thing Ever!

How To Give Yourself Magical Multicolored Pastel Hair.Check the tutorial video and you definitely can DIY pastel color with hair extension even your own hair.







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Rainbow Hair Fashion Trends

The summer is so close I can taste it. This summer is all about bright colors, yes, bright rainbow hair colours. Rainbow hair color is that the most stylish fashion kind of Hollywood. Many celebrities has dyed their hair colorful such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and woman Gaga. Colored hair is on trend. Let’s explore the rainbow hair color trend.

rainbow hair

rainbow hair


rainbow hair

Celebrities Hair Style: Better Before or After?

 Is your hairstyle important? You bet it is!   Hairstyle matters a lot expecially for female. Check the follow before and after photos. These stars are crossing into new hair-itory . Which style do you prefer? Vote for your fovorite.

Anna Kendrick


Anne Hathaway


Kelly Osbourne


Vanessa Hudgens


Ashley Greene



5 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for This Summer

If you have longer hair and sometimes get tired of it hanging in your face but don’t want to just pull your hair back in a ponytail, try to braid it. Braided hair always makes women look elegant and stylish! Check the following 5 gorgeous braided hair style.



Rainbow Pastel Hair — A New Trend Hair Style

       If you thought that only celebrities can rock rainbow hair, think again. There’s no reason to resign yourself to a normal coif. Rainbow hair is becoming a more and more popular trend. Vote on your favorite rainbow hair below!!